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Trina’s back, and as usual, she’s got a message for the fellas.

“If you a real fly dude, then you should be able to ball, so spend money on me ’cause I’m real fly,” the Miami rapper said of her new single, “Don’t Trip.”

On the club track, Trina directs her message directly to Lil’ Wayne, who lends a verse. Mannie Fresh produced the tune and Dr. Teeth (Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin’ “) directed the video recently in Miami.

“Don’t Trip” is featured on The Glamorest Life, due October 4.

“It’s the most fun album I’ve ever done,” said Trina, who’s coming off the “Bad Bitch” remix with Webbie on the “Hustle & Flow” soundtrack and is also featured on Ebony Eyez’s new remix of “In Ya Face.” “It’s about a lot of things, really up and down.”

Other guests on the LP include Young Buck, Jazze Pha, Lil Scrappy and Snoop Dogg, who raps on a track called “Sexy Girl.” “It’s basically him trying to get with me,” Trina said of the tune.

Trina’s been working on the album for three years, in between launching an acting career and other ventures, such as her Diamond Princess perfume line, named after her 2002 album.

Along with her sitcom, “With Friends Like These,” Trina just shot a movie called “Radiant Girls.”

“I play this crazy-lady role, a girl in a psychiatric ward, and I’m convincing them I’m crazy,” she said.
Let’s help Trina with ‘Don’t Trip’ | comments (6)
Posted by Adrian on 10 Aug 2005
106 & Park: After contacting BET and Slip-N-Slide Records, 106 & Park have finally added the video of Trina’s Don’t Trip to their website. Vote below:

Radio: Make sure to call your local radio station daily and request Trina’s Don’t Trip a couple of times. If you would like to find your local radio station website then click here.

Spread the word: Miss M.I.A. – Trina is back for her new album The Glamorest Life with Lil’ Wayne on the first single! The new cd hits shelves on October 4th and features guest appearances from Trey Songz, Kelly Rowland (Destiny’s Child), Lil’ Scrappy, Snoop Dogg and others! Click the links below to watch the sexy new vid that was shot on location in Miami by director Dr. Teeth (spread this at message boards, school, friends & more)

HI (450) MED (300) LO (56) Real

The Diamond Princess Expands Her Empire | comments (1)
Posted by Adrian on 10 Aug 2005
Since hitting the scene on Trick Daddy’s “Nann ni99a” in 1998, Trina has emerged as a star in her own right. Like a true southern belle, Trina brought class to crass on her debut Da Baddest B***h and its follow-up Diamond Princess. As she prepares to release her third album on Atlantic/Slip-N-Slide Records, Trina has switched positions and is ready to take control of her music, life, and “glamorest” legacy. After catching a break, Trina sits down with SOHH.com and gives us a mouthful about the surprises on the new The Glamorest Life album (Oct. 4th), her modeling agency, perfume and an upcoming sitcom, how she feels about Lil Kim and Jay-Z, the Southern takeover, and getting hit on by girls. No wonder, she’s so excited.

SOHH: Can you talk to me a little bit about Diamond Dolls Modeling Agency? I know you’ve mentioned that you give advice or guidance to women that come to you. What artists have you given advice to?

Trina: I have two parts of Diamond Dolls. One is a modeling agency and one is a non-profit organization for teenage girls to talk about abuse, violence and teen pregnancy. We strengthen and encourage the younger girls to educate themselves, stay focused and stay in school. The modeling agency is basically for younger girls that want to get involved with commercials, videos, movies, fashion, etc. I’ve actually found a company to help them get involved in that area, because I have so many girls come up to me asking me about the whole music industry and how they can get to be in videos and magazines. So I’m working with them right now and both of them are doing pretty good. I’m excited about that.

I have a few people that I’m cool with, that we’re friends in the industry, that we kind of lean on each other for support and guidance. A couple of girls that’ll call me and ask me what I think about a project and what I don’t like about things; because we’re friends before anything. I’ve given advice to Missy Elliott, Monica, Eve, Da Brat and Lil’ Mo.

Click Read More to read the full interview Read More …
Greg Street Celebrity Car Show | comments (3)
Posted by Adrian on 10 Aug 2005
Trina will be attending the 1st Annual Greg Street Celebrity Car Show. If you live in Miami and you think you have the best Chevy then you might get a chance to be on Trina’s next video! The event will take place for the MTV Video Music Awards weekend at The Miami Beach Convention Center on August 27, 2005. If you have more information visit slipnsliderecords.net or gregstreetcarshow.com

Online Team, Source Magazine | comments (21)
Posted by Adrian on 06 Aug 2005
To the left you see a mini cover of the new Source Magazine with Trina on the cover. It will be on stands everywhere next week (I will have the scans when as soon as I buy it).

Trina’s Official Online Team is also up. They have contests going on right now and you could win some Trina prices. They also have a message board to interact with other Trina fans. Click here to join!

In Ya Face (Remix) Video | comments (27)
Posted by Adrian on 01 Aug 2005
Download the new video for the remix to Ebony Eyez In Ya Face. This new female rapper from St. Louis has an album coming out September 13 called 7 Day Cycle. She teamed up with Trina for this hot remix! Trina looks beautiful (LEFT CLICK on the photo below or on the download to download. You CAN’T right click.):

Size: 15.5 MB
Format: WMV
Credit: trinafan.com
Download: here
Description In Ya Face (Remix) Video

This is a trinafan.com exclusive!
MiddleChild Promotions Interviews Trina | comments (6)
Posted by Adrian on 01 Aug 2005
Our affiliate MiddleChildPromotions.com had a chance to interview Trina. Check out the interview where she talks about The Glamorest Life, upcoming projects and about the male-dominated music industry!

MiddleChild: I hear that. Let�s see. You have so much going on that I don�t even know where to start. I guess we�ll begin by talking about this hot ass album you about to drop. What producers and artists are you working with on this project?

Trina: My album �The Glamorest Life� comes out October 4th. I have production on there by Kanye West, Jazze Pha, a new producer named Needles, Cool and Dre, The Unusual Suspects. I got Signature out of Miami. So I have some great production on this album. I�m very happy about that. I�m very excited about that. Of course, I have the first single, �Don�t Trip� featuring Lil Wayne. I have Lil Scrappy on the album. I have Lil Mo on the album. I have Young Buck, Snoop Dogg, and Trey Songz on the album. I have Kelly Rowland from Destiny�s Child on the album. So I mean, I really put myself in a situation to be creative and have that control and put together a great album.

Click Read More to read the full interview Read More …
Download Don’t Trip Video | comments (20)
Posted by Adrian on 30 Jul 2005
Download the new video for the leading single off The Glamorest Life, in stores October 4, 2005, Don’t Trip featuring Lil’ Wayne. The video is really HOT! Trina did her thing and she stepped it up (click on the photo below or on the download):

Size: 26.23 MB
Format: WMV
Credit: trinafan.com
Download: here
Description Don’t Trip Video

If you missed the show you can catch it again today, Saturday July 30, 2005 at 6:00 PM ET and on Monday August 1, 2005 at 11:00 AM ET.

Trina spoke about many things with AJ on 106 & Park. First of all, she’s on the cover of the September issue of The Source Magazine, which is in stands in August. Her perfume line, Diamond Princess by Trina is in stores next week and the audience got very lucky when Trina brought samples for everyone. Her sitcom will be out next summer. Lastly, she spoke about her new album The Glamorest Life. It’s in stores October 4, 2005 and has Young Buck, Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Scrappy, Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz & Lil’ Wayne (of course) on the album.
Trina To Reveal All Her Sides | comments (1)
Posted by Adrian on 30 Jul 2005
Trina is typically lumped into the rapper/vixen category but the Miami resident told BET.com that her forthcoming third album, The Glamorest Life, will offer different factes of her personality.

�I went in the studio with an open mind and just a free mind and to do whatever I felt� Trina said. �I got a classy side and I also got that extra crunchy raw sexual side as well. You can have [distinctive facets for] different classes of people.�

Trina said that she was admittedly nervous about what the public would think about her naughty rhymes, but decided to let her creativity overrule her jitters..

�It�s just my form of expression,� she said. �Everything I felt like saying, however I wanted to say it, I said. I almost started to worry about what other people were going to think, whether it was too explicit, whether it was too raw,� she said. �On the second album (The Diamond Princess), I got a little twisted with worrying about what people kind of expect and want to see. Either they�re going to like it, love it, or they not going to listen to it at all.�

Trina’s The Glamorest Life is in stores October 4th and fans can see her featured in the new video for the remix of Ebony Eyez�s “In Ya Face.”
Catch Trina Debut Her New Video On BET’s 106 and Park | comments (17)
Posted by Adrian on 29 Jul 2005
Tune in today, Friday July 29 @ 6pm to BET’s 106 and Park to see M.I.A’s own Miss Trina hit the countdown live in person to debut the new video for ‘Don’t Trip’ feat. Lil’ Wayne which was shot in Miami with director Dr. Teeth (Mike Jones, Paul Wall)!

The new banga’ “Don’t Trip” is getting the clubs jumping around the country! The track features Cash Money’s own Lil’ Wayne and Mannie Fresh cooked up the track. What more could you want?
Source Magazine August Issue | comments (4)
Posted by Adrian on 28 Jul 2005
Trina is in the August 2005 issue of The Source Magazine with Lil’ Jon & Scott Storch on the cover. The magazine has been out for a while now but check out the photos (thanks to dirty south thug for the photos):

Click here to see

New Photoshoot, possibly The Source Magazine? | comments (33)
Posted by Adrian on 21 Jul 2005
Hello Trina fans. These new photos of Trina have now been posted on the internet. When I got the photos, they had a date on them that read June 17, 2005. Sources tell me that the photoshoot for The Source Magazine was held on that day so I’m pretty sure these are the photos. However, these photos were clearly taken by someone, probably a fan so these aren’t the final cut. Check out the photos:

Click here to see

Also, the album has been pushed back to October 4 since the first single, Don’t Trip still hasn’t been sent to radio. However, the song will be sent to radio next month. Also many people are dropping their album on September 13 and I knew Atlantic Records wasn’t going to let Trina drop on that day. She’s back!!! tongue